Dear Visitor,

Like the scholar in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales,
I gladly learn and gladly teach.

It is my privilege to share my knowledge and enthusiasm with students ranging from freshman high-schoolers to adult college students. I tutor in mathematics and science, and depending on the needs of individual students, I also serve gladly as academic coach and mentor.

Thank you for exploring the site. Please let me know if you would like additional information about my tutoring services for Novato and central Marin.

Janet Lowenthal, PhD
Marin Learning • Marin Tutoring in Math, Chemistry, and Physics

"Dr. Janet Lowenthal is the very best. Janet was extraordinary in her ability to deconstruct the course material so it would be easier for my son to understand."

(parent of high school chemistry student)
Dr. Janet Lowenthal offers expert and caring tutoring in math, chemistry,
and physics for Novato and central Marin, Marin County, California